Modern Culture Transformation

For companies who care deeply about their people

What we do

We help companies change their cultures; to reach business goals and to create positive, rewarding work environments.

Helping uncover and create your culture is our why.


Evolving the current culture to a desired culture to enable an organization to deliver on its strategy.

Culture U-Turn


Rebuilding a company’s culture which has eroded, often due to quick growth, large-scale change and now covid-related impacts

M&A Culture

Creating culture harmony between merging organizations, enabling different cultures to collaborate and operate at their best to deliver promised M&A synergies.


Addressing and eliminating negative cultures; fixing caustic relations between individuals, teams or departments.

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Why we are different

  • We believe the right culture creates opportunity for people to grow into their potential – we are passionate about making this happen.
  • We are disciplined about measuring the financial and operational impact of culture change and hold ourselves accountable for delivering desired outcomes.
  • Culture change can feel hard and uncomfortable – we care about creating a change experience people will feel good about.

Culture Change = Opportunity

92% of executives believe improving their firm’s culture would improve the value of the company.

19% of executives said their firm’s corporate culture was where it needed to be.

15% of companies who set out to change their culture succeed in doing so.
33% of employees don’t believe their company’s core values align with their personal values.
Leaf change

Paulina played such an integral role in helping me and my leadership team develop a well thought out and unique culture change plan. A change plan that set important top-down guard rails and vision, but was primarily and beautifully driven from the bottom-up in a very organic manner.

Paulina’s thought leadership and counsel truly shaped me and gave me incredible confidence in realizing the culture change that was so crucial for our organization.

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Agile Transformation & High Growth

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Not Just A New System

Our Latest IDEAS

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