Our Results

How We Do It

Get clear on the desired results of your culture change
Measure and evaluate progress to determine how we are tracking
Be ready to pivot if we don’t see results or if specific areas need attention
We are passionate and disciplined about achieving desired results for our clients and their employees.

Outcomes With Chrysalis Culture Change


Higher conviction, faster decision-making enabling companies to capitalize on new business opportunities

Speed to Market

Bring products, services and features to market quicker, capturing projected revenues faster


Improved collaboration within and between departments; reduced “us vs them” mindsets


Restore and increase trust for the long-term

Employee Turnover

Reduced employee turnover and higher employee morale and happiness = lower people costs

Time for M&A Synergy

Less time to achieve merger synergies or exit

Disruption & Cost

Reduced business disruption and cost for large scale change initiatives (digital or agile transformation)

Resistance to Change

Decreased resistance to change and faster transition to new ways of working

Case Studies

Agile Transformation & High Growth

Revving Up The Acquisition Engine

Not Just A
New System

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