About Us


We are a consulting firm helping companies achieve and sustain their desired culture.

We are culture consultants, strategists, architects, catalysts and advocates.

We are passionate about helping:

People build strong companies that achieve growth, drive innovation and create respectful, equitable workplaces for people to realize/grow into their potential

Companies create fulfilling work experiences where people can be their true authentic selves

How We Work

We identify behaviours, structures and systems which reinforce undesirable cultures and create the strategy to replace these components with desired behaviours and long-term infrastructure.

New Behaviors

We help company leaders and managers model new behaviors and offer coaching support and skill-building to help people show up in a new way.


We look to advances in neuroscience and draw insights from culture research to inform our approach.

Modern Principles

We incorporate modern principles of change management, design thinking and user experience to build our strategies.

What Can You Expect

We listen. We don’t judge. We empathize. We strategize.

We build. We support you. We celebrate – together.

We Are Generous

With our time, with our capabilities, with our tools and resources, and with our commitment to you.

We Care About Visible, Tangible Results

And build our culture change strategies to deliver these desired outcomes to you

We Are On Your Team

We believe we are on your team and are unequivocally committed to helping you through difficult and uncertain changes – helping discover and create your culture is our why

Our Founder – Paulina Fin Caprio

Paulina believes culture is both the biggest accelerator or impediment to a company’s ability to execute well. She created Chrysalis to focus on culture after working on change initiatives and mergers which experienced roadblocks because companies were constrained by an outdated culture that held them back.

With additional pressures from a global pandemic and growing calls for equality in the workplace, the time for Chrysalis is now.

Prior to Chrysalis, Paulina was a business transformation and change advisor practicing innovative forms of change management, incorporating user experience, design thinking and agile methodology into her approach. She is sought out for her passion for improving the change experience and for building long-term culture change.

In addition, Paulina has over 20 years of experience in M&A, from investment banking advisory, to M&A arbitrage/trading, to selling companies in bankruptcy, to M&A integration and culture change. With 10+ years in finance, Paulina helps companies measure the financial and operational impacts of culture change initiatives to ensure they are successful.

Paulina lives in Chicago, originally coming to Canada from Russia as a political refugee with her family. She has an Honours B. Sc. in Neuropsychology from the University of Toronto and the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation.

Paulina is all-in for her clients and they love working with her.

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