Culture Transformation

  • Is your company taking on a new strategy?
  • Is your current culture no longer serving you and your ability to meet business goals?
  • Are you undertaking a digital, agile or business transformation?
  • Have you decided to make investing in your people a top priority?
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If it is time for your company and your people to show up in a different way, it is time for a culture change.

What culture will you need to best execute on your strategy?

We take a multi-dimensional approach, looking at key areas which impact an influence culture in your organization and build a culture transformation strategy that is visible, actionable and scalable.

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Culture Turnaround

Your company used to have a great culture but something has changed; something is now missing.

Growth or a new strategy can create so many changes the culture is deprioritized and erodes.

Even with good intentions, it can be hard for leaders to focus on culture during these times.

With covid-19, every company has been impacted and many are feeling effects on their culture.

  • Is covid-19 weakening your culture and your employees’ engagement?
  • Has your company lost connection to your roots, your values and priorities?
  • Has growth taken a toll on your people?
  • Are your people no longer aligned on key business priorities and how to achieve them?
  • Is trust eroding?

A culture turnaround enables companies to reconnect with what initially made them special.

It incorporates new culture components to accelerate success going forward.

In today’s covid-19 environment, we help companies restore culture in a genuine and empathic way while taking the execution burden off people operations teams.

M&A Culture Integration

Lack of good culture integration is consistently the number one reason mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver their expected value.

Well-intentioned integration typically focuses on operational synergies and capturing market share while culture is important. Even when culture is a priority, do you have a culture integration strategy that works for your company?

  • Are you tired of going through another acquisition and seeing the same culture fit issues happen again and again?
  • Do you hate revising your synergy targets downward or pushing back your synergy timing?
  • Is communication breaking down? Is decision-making slowing or stopping?
  • Do your new employees understand your company’s priorities
  • Are your employees collaborating with acquisition employees? Are you going to market in a cohesive way?
  • Are the combined tech teams aligned on architectural strategy?
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Don’t let culture be the reason your merger or acquisition disappoints.

Let us help you build the strategy to harmonize multiple cultures and speed up alignment between new and existing teams to reduce internal friction and disruption.

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Toxic Cultures

Stress. Tension. Anger. Resentment. Abuse. Discrimination. Unacceptable working environments.

This doesn’t go away on its own and must be addressed and corrected. Toxic cultures can exist within organizations or between groups or departments within a company.

  • Are employees leaving and reporting hostile work environments in exit interviews?
  • Do you have certain teams constantly in battle with other teams?
  • Has trust eroded between people or groups where they can no longer work together collaboratively?
  • Are women/people of color/minority groups being treated unfairly or not equitably given opportunities for advancement or influence?
We work to de-escalate and diminish toxicity and to uncover the root causes and address them.

We help repair relationships and trust to build a new foundation of expectations and behaviors for organizations to operate within.
This enables companies to create cultures and infrastructure to support their culture for the long-term.

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