Case study

Agile Transformation and High Growth


  • Client is a Fortune 150 financial services/technology company with over 40,000 employees headquartered in Eastern United States
  • Worked with the technology division of a key business line which had completed a full transformation to Agile principles. Located in the Midwest
  • This technology division was growing rapidly, hiring 500+ employees per year


Lack of leaders

Employee growth outpacing manager/leader hiring

Opposite Cultures

Two key locations with opposite cultures: older “mainframe” culture and younger “wild west” culture

Continuous Changes

Constant changes in strategy coming from headquarters; an “us” vs “them” environment


  • Designed and executed culture strategy to bring together employees at two key locations, harnessing pride for local accomplishments leadership alignment on the desired culture
  • Created unified language and communications plan to support and reinforce new culture through leaders and scrum teams
  • Built and delivered technology manager development program to elevate interpersonal and strategy capabilities of technical managers who had significant role changes in the transition to Agile
  • Partnered with Chicago tech and innovation community to participate in and host events for employees to live their cultural values

Results and Benefits

  • Technology manager turnaround: from ineffective role without a home in Agile to clear alignment on responsibilities, accountabilities and new skills to support execution. Managers becoming the stronger people leaders the company needed them to be
  • Increased trust/pride, self-efficacy and performance of this technology division despite continued strategy shifts
  • Common ground and increased collaboration between the two key locations
  • Created permanent internal role for tech ecosystem outreach and partnership; increased commitment to supporting tech-driven social enterprise

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