Case study

Not Just a New System – A New Way of Working


  • Client is a $20bn international fast food restaurant company with over 38,000 locations in over 100 countries
  • Worked with accounting and asset management departments on an ongoing multi-phase implementation of the company’s first global lease administration and accounting system (covering over 50,000 leases) across multiple markets


Complex System

New system is complex and visually overwhelming to work through

Lack of Trust

Data issues from previous phases created lack of trust with the new system

Steep Learning Curve

It was a big learning curve for most users


  • Developed key cultural tenets for latest implementation phase to drive the change management, training and communication strategy – the “why”
  • Pivoted change team to create culture of user experience and “customer centricity” across all aspects of change activities and deliverables
  • Implemented specific culture characteristics in certain markets that needed a strategy for mindsets and behaviors to prioritize while adopting this new system and new processes
  • Created skill-building workshops and crafted communications to reinforce the new ways of working and bring employees together around the new culture

Results and Benefits

  • New system users thrilled with the learning approach, resulting in decreased anxiety about using complex system functionality faster time to reach competency
  • High-touch communication and listening approach helped new users feel heard and surfaced issues much faster, enabling change team to address them quickly
  • People taking greater ownership of data and transitioning to new processes with less operational disruption vs previous phases.
  • User experience has become a critical component of change and transformation strategies

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