Case study

Revving Up the Acquisition Engine


  • Client is a $700 million international consulting services company in the process of acquiring a smaller regional US consulting company
  • Leadership wanted people involved in integration to have a positive experience to support future acquisitions as part of the company’s growth plan
  • Integration needed to have minimal disruption to day-to-day company operations


Past Failure

Have not completed an acquisition in a long time; previous acquisition was not successful

No "Playbook"

Lack internal experience with integrating an acquisition; no acquisition “playbook”

Ongoing Restructuring

Company was in the middle of
a business reorganization


  • Developed culture integration strategy to understand target company culture, areas to bridge gaps/differences and opportunities to build relationships through collaboration
  • Integrated a communications plan to ensure new employees: (i) felt seen and heard, (ii) had transparency around integration activities and how changes would impact them, and (iii) reinforced messaging around culture
  • Created engagement plan to hold events and activities to bring co-located offices together and learn about each other’s cultures
  • Crafted collaboration sessions for departments to share processes, tools and best practices

Results and Benefits

  • Delivered communication/culture playbook to use in future acquisitions and integration efforts
  • Quick turnaround for combined sales teams going to market together vs competing over client allocation leading to greater penetration into existing client base and new market expansion
  • Decreased magnitude and duration of operational disruption
  • Increased company’s competency around acquisition integration; contributed to a positive overall experience and removed apprehension around doing deals

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